lamb + wolf Shop Update: Introducing my “Cocktail Collection”


lamb + wolf etsy shopI’ve added 1 new yarn to my shop! Introducing my Cocktail Collection! Click on the picture to be taken to the Etsy listing!

COCKTAIL COLLECTION: Hand Dyed 100% Merino Wool DK Weight Yarn, “Margarita” 246 yards


xo Katie


lamb + wolf Shop Update


lamb + wolf etsy shopI’ve added 2 new yarns to my shop this week! Click on the picture to be taken to the Etsy listing!

Hand Dyed 75/25% Superwash Merino Wool & Nylon Sport Weight Yarn, “Super Fun Night” 274 yards


Hand Dyed 100% Superwash Merino Wool Bulky Weight Yarn, “Bird Song” 137 yards

xo Katie

lamb + wolf Shop Update and Ravelry News


lamb + wolf etsy shopI’ve added 2 new yarns to my shop this week! I’ve started dyeing multiple skeins at once to have more than 1 skein per colorway. Click on the picture to be taken to the Etsy listing!

Hand Dyed 100% Merino Wool DK Weight Yarn, "Pastel Party" 246 yards

Hand Dyed 100% Merino Wool DK Weight Yarn, “Pastel Party” 246 yards


SALE: Hand Dyed 80/20% Wool & Angora Fingering Weight Yarn, "Freaking Sunshine in a Dang Meadow." 219 yards

SALE: Hand Dyed 80/20% Wool & Angora Fingering Weight Yarn, “Freaking Sunshine in a Dang Meadow.” 219 yards

Ravelry Updates:

I’ve added my yarns to the Ravelry yarn database. You can find lamb + wolf yarns here. I’ve also created a Ravelry group for my yarns where I will post shop updates, answer any questions, do giveaways and other general discussion.

xo Katie


Announcing lamb + wolf Etsy Shop


Okay, okay… I’ve had an Etsy shop for quite some time now, but I have only recently really started stocking it since I started dyeing a few months ago. I just got a new shipment of yarn bases and will be adding new items over the next few weeks, so please keep an eye out for new shop updates! I also take custom orders, so please contact me if you wish to do so.

Visit lamb + wolf on Etsy

lamb + wolf Etsy Shop

You’ll see a permanent link in the right hand banner at all times. Happy shopping!

xo Katie

Adventures in Dyeing: Part 2


Long anticipated part 2 to my dyeing adventures, am I right?!? Phew, I think my mid-year goal is to get better at posting and updating. Now that I’m regularly updating my Etsy shop, I feel I should be posting shop updates here, as well.

Either way… moving on! Part 1 of my series was related to dyeing with kool-aid. While fun and easy and no additional special equipment required, it didn’t offer all of the colors I was interested… particularly black.

I used Wilton’s Gel Food Coloring, which does come in black. I was forewarned by a fellow dyer that the black doesn’t always come out as such, and could show up as dark green or purple. So keeping this in mind, I jumped in with some blues and a black.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the hindsight to take process photos, but essentially I placed out saran wrap, soaked the yarn in a vinegar/water bath, mixed my dyes for 1 hour, I laid out the yarn in an oval and placed the dye into color blocks throughout the yarn. I wrapped the yarn in the saran wrap and placed in a baking dish in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 hours, covered tightly with foil. This steam sets the color. I let it cool to room temp and did a quick rinse, then dried overnight.

It resulted in this beautiful colorway:

yarn dyed with gel food coloring


It’s currently for sale in my Etsy shop, Lamb + Wolf. I really love how the colors turned out and the black really turned out to be a true black, which is (obviously) exactly what I wanted!

In recent weeks, I’ve really been testing out acid dyes and have several items in my Etsy shop dyed with such, but look forward to Part 3 of this series to come soon. I will set myself up to take full process photos to share.

If you have any questions on dyeing with kool-aid or gel food coloring, please leave a comment or message me and I will answer your questions.

xo Katie

Adventures in Yarn Dyeing: Part 1


A few weeks ago, a friend and I decided we wanted to give dyeing a try. We both had heard it could be done with kool-aid, but didn’t know much about the process, so we started researching. I’ve long subscribed to Knitty and when I found this article on dyeing with kool-aid, we decided to jump right in.

We mixed up our colors and set up in my garage, then just colored away.

Please excuse the poor lighting!

Please excuse the poor lighting!

We decided to try steaming the yarn over a pot first. The microwave method seemed too easy to be true. It said to steam for 40 minutes. I set it up, then went to put my daughter down for her nap… and when I emerged about 12 minutes later, I could distinctly smell something burning. Sure enough, all the water had evaporated from the pot and it was very black!

Luckily the yarn didn’t seem to be harmed, so we washed it and set it out to dry. We decided to try the microwave method with the rest, obviously. I was really surprised how well it worked, and it was soo easy! We set up all the yarn to dry on a laundry rack in the sun… and a few hours later, this is what we had:

kool-aid dyed yarn

I’m impressed with how well the colors came out! I think the sun did fade them a little, but in a good way. I’ve begun knitting a Dayflower Cowl with the smaller skein, which is 80% wool, 20% angora, and it is super soft!

Be sure to come back next Monday for Part 2, dyeing with gel food coloring.

xo Katie

Finished Object ~ Fern Lace Cowl


Oh, hello there! Long time, no see. While hubby is away, time just gets away from me and seemingly this blog is always the one that falls to the wayside. Since he’s back, I was finally able to finish my Follow Your Arrow MKAL shawl (post to come later when mother nature decides to let the sun come out)!

Mug Cozy

In the meantime, I was able to knit up this mug cozy, which I was in love with… until I blocked it and then it was too big for my mug! It was a small skein of yarn to begin with and I didn’t want this soft squishy baby camel! yarn to just sit around unused. I decided to frog the cozy and make a cowl instead.

Fern Lace Cowl

Fern Lace Cowl knit in MEAN GIRLS Inspired Hand Dyed Extra Fine Merino/Camel Worsted Weight Yarn, “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” 109 yards

I went with the Fern Lace Cowl (please excuse the blurry photo, toddlers do not sit still). This was a really quick knit! The lace pattern is very easy to memorize and alternates with knit rows in the round. After blocking the lace really opened up and it turned out to be much more drapy than stiff.

The yarn I used is from Neeley’s Knits, who I have to give a huge shout out to! I met the shop owner, Ashley, on Ravelry through a group for mom’s of babies born in Aug 2012. She recently started dying her own yarns inspired by movies & tv shows. Her colorways are absolutely beautiful and we’ll just say, my bank account loves her! Please check out her shop and buy some yarn!

xoxo Katie