Date Night

Last night we had a long awaited date night as husband + wife. Our first one! For our date nights, we like to stay in at home, make our own dinner + catch up on movies or tv shows. We both think it is much nicer to take time out at home, rather than dress up + go out.

We made a dinner of lobster, salad + popovers. It was delicious + I can’t wait for the next one!



2 thoughts on “Date Night”

  1. We <3 to do the same, K. As a matter of fact, tonight it was Ocean's Thirteen, puerco pibil, black beans, rice, mariquitas and a lime mojo sauce for dipping. Bliss. 🙂 If we do decide to go out for the night, it's usually relaxed – jeans and someplace we can be ourselves. For some unknown reason, the food at a restaurant never tastes as good as it does in our own house!

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