My Closet

The weather has cooled off a little in Georgia… making it only about 70 degrees as opposed to 80 or 90. Big difference, I know! I am in desperate need of some sun to get a tan. As babies aren’t allowed in a tanning bed… I will just have to expose my translucent legs to public till I can manage to get one naturally. Your eyes have been warned!

I’ve hit 22 weeks of pregnancy this week + I think this baby may finally be getting ready to make an appearance. She has been hiding behind my abs so far, making her presence fairly unknown to an outsider. However, I can see now, more than before, that my belly is expanding + this little one wants more room to play.

It is possible that she’ll be shy just like I was as a child + hide behind daddy’s legs everywhere we go. Or maybe she is just comfy in her little space, biding her time. Either way, she has been perfect so far + not caused me any sickness, mood swings, or fatigue. Hopefully she’ll do the same on the outside.

Tank Top ~ Wet Seal / Skirt ~ Motherhood Maternity / Shoes + Earrings ~ Charlotte Russe / Scarf ~ Forever 21


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