Traveling to New Places

Husby had to travel to Alabama for work, so I decided that I’d tag along for a long weekend myself in order to check out a state I’ve never been to before.

I dropped off the puppies with some friends + started my 7 hour drive. I didn’t arrive until after dark last night, so I can’t tell you much about Alabama so far. Except for this lovely view from the hotel room, where I’ve been working all day.

Nothing like a nice view of the hotel roof, huh? At least it looks bright + sunny on the other side of that concrete!

I’ve also been enjoying some local news as background noise while I work. It definitely makes me glad that we don’t have cable at home. I don’t miss TV at all. However, I have been drawn in by a show documenting how Harmony gummy bears are made. I’m always a sucker for a documentary… especially one about my favorite candy!

Hopefully I’ll have something more impressive to show you of Alabama tomorrow! For now, just glad to see my sweet husband’s face + spend some time with him.


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