Travels + Rockets

Last week I drove to Alabama to spend a long weekend with my husband, who was there for work. Since he travels for work often + I work from home, I try to travel with him whenever I can. I mean, what is the difference between working in my living room or working in a hotel room? None!

I set out on my 7 hour drive after dropping off the puppies for a weekend play date with Jax. Toki + Jax became good friends.

Photo via Sarah (sarzamendi on Instagram)

I’ve never tried audio books before + thought I’d give it a go. I listened to Mandy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)I picked this book because I love “The Office” + Mandy’s sense of comedic timing on the show is hysterical. I love the fact that she narrated the book herself + she did a great job. I loved her story, from childhood to where she is now, covering all things girls think about.

Husby took me to James Steakhouse where we had an amazing dinner. We started with a pork belly confit bruschetta on sriracha cornbread. Trying pork belly was a first for both of us + we agree that it is delicious. I’d almost liken it to tuna. I’ll definitely be trying to mimic the sriracha cornbread at home… maybe a recipe post soon! Husby had the Red Snapper Risotto (saffron, grape tomatoes, shrimp, steamed mussels, lump crab), while I had the Grilled Salmon with Herb Parmesan Risotto, sauteed mushrooms + truffle sabayon. It was all delicious. I would highly recommend this place if you are in the area.

We went hiking at Monte Sano State Park which was a nice change from attempting to hike in Georgia where it seems everything is out to kill you.

Along the trails we found snails, a fire tower + a resting area.

We had lunch at Sam +Greg’s Pizzeria Gelateria, which also boasts the tag line, “Alabama’s only Haunted Pizzeria.” We didn’t encounter any ghosts, but their Gummy Bear Punch Gelato was dare I say, to die for.

On my last day in Alabama we visited the U.S. Space & Rocket Center where they are currently exhibiting 100 Years of Von Braun: His American Journey. I knew nothing of Dr. Wernher von Braun… let alone had I ever even heard his name before. I guess that shows my attention span in history class. He certainly had a lot of great achievements with NASA, the Army + private sector. He is also featured in several movies (none of which I’ve seen, so again would explain my lack of knowledge of him): I Aim at the Stars; October Sky; and The Right Stuff to name a few. 

Finally it was time to go home + say bye to Husby for the time being. He is in Alabama for another week, but it was amazing to spend time with him, try new things + see new places together. I missed him the instant he was out of sight + can’t wait to be with him again in a few days.

I listened to Chelsea Handler’s Are you there, vodka? It’s me, Chelsea on the way home, which definitely kept me more than entertained the entire trip. I think I’ll stick with audio books on long road trips from now on. It passed the time easily + the 7 hours seemed to fly by.

The dogs were happy to see me, but sad to leave their new friend. Now we are all back at home, nestled in + waiting for Husby to return to us.


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