My Closet ~ 25th week of pregnancy

Today marks 25 weeks! In some ways it seems like the time has flown + in others, it seems like eternity until we meet our little girl. An eternity that I’m happily embracing as we still have lots to prepare before she arrives.

We have had the nursery painted for some time now, but are having a difficult time deciding on the right furniture. The secondary bedrooms in our house are rather small compared to the master. We are opting for white furniture to try + open the room up more. Because it is such a large purchase (generally convertible cribs run around $250+) we are taking our time. For such a small person, you’d think it might come at a smaller price, but no such luck!

I’ve slowly been building our inventory of cloth diapers + reading as much as I possibly can about the process, cleaning + benefits. By far exceeding disposables in my mind. It will be interesting trying all the different brands to find what will work best for us. There are soo many great resources + I was especially excited to find Green Mountain Diapers since we love all things Vermont! You have to stand by where you’re from, am I right?

I am curious how our dogs will handle the baby. They are generally good dogs + have done well with toddlers in the house, mainly just licking the little one’s face. What I’m more concerned about is their tendency to bark at any small noise outside during the day. They often sleep near the door + bark when they hear the mail truck, neighbors, even the wind blowing too hard. Our Shiba Inu also likes to wake up sometime between 2-4 am most mornings + loudly grunt until you get out of bed to let her outside. We’ll be practicing breaking this habit before baby comes. It doesn’t generally bother me, but I’m sure if the baby is asleep I won’t be impressed with the dog waking her up unnecessarily.

Dress ~ Target / Tank Top ~ Wet Seal / Earrings ~ Charlotte Russe / Belt ~ thrifted / Shoes – Classified

Any suggestions for dealing with dogs around a newborn?


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