My Closet ~ 27th week of pregnancy

Wow, 27 weeks gone already!?!? I can’t believe there is only 13 weeks left… it seems like such a small number!

I went to my second baby class (as I like to call it) today + the topic was breastfeeding. I have known for a while now that I will be breastfeeding, but still had a lot of questions. I’ve heard many moms say that it was too hard, that they weren’t producing enough milk, that it is stressful, etc etc. I’ve decided to just keep repeating the mantra that my lactation consultant reiterated today, “It is natural, but it doesn’t come naturally to mom.” A newborn comes into the world knowing how to suck + will even find it’s way to breastfeed on it’s own. I think there are soo many rules + stigmas around breastfeeding that it gives new moms (and even not-so-new moms) anxiety about the procedure. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to stress or get anxiety over something I haven’t even tried yet, so I actually feel really calm going into this.



We watched various videos about the correct latch on method + having a good support system. I also learned some new things, which may sound ridiculous, but you really don’t think about it until you are pregnant for the first time. Things such as, breast milk is not produced by the stomach, so eating spicy foods doesn’t make your milk spicy… also, up to 2 (4 oz) alcoholic drinks can be consumed without affecting the breast milk. That was a complete new one for me as I just assumed no drinking allowed while breastfeeding.



Today was also my day to be tested for gestational diabetes. I’ve been dreading this test as I’ve heard the solution you drink is terrible, it makes you feel fatigued + nauseous… all sorts of icky feelings. Sure enough, here comes the midwife to ask me which flavor I prefer, I chose orange over fruit punch. Honestly, it didn’t taste as bad as I had come to believe it was. It tasted just like a melted orange popsicle. Now I suppose my love of gummy candy could have possibly made this more appealing to me than others who don’t eat candy, but I didn’t think it was that terrible. As I was sitting in class I could see the drink hitting the others in the room. Some were gagging, some looked like they were going to be sick (some actually did get sick), some just looked miserable. I didn’t feel anything. I’ve also heard of this sugar crash you feel a few hours after the test is done… I got nothing. I seriously think I’m pregnant with a super baby because I’m breezing through pregnancy with no issues when it seems like others are struggling (knock on wood!).


Tank Top ~ Wet Seal / Skirt, Earrings + Sandals ~ Charlotte Russe / Watch ~ Sprout

What was your experience with breastfeeding? Was it easy for you? Hard? Impossible!?!


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