My Closet ~ 28th week of pregnancy

Today starts week 28… I can’t believe there is only 12-ish weeks left! I received my glucose test back today + passed, so that is definitely a sigh of relief. Our little girl is staying fairly quite in there, moving only a little at night right before bedtime. It really does amaze me the differences in pregnancy between women. Some people have been feeling their babies since week 16, which seems insane to me since I’ve only been feeling her since about week 24. It still isn’t even every day, but her heartbeat is strong + everything else looks good. I’m just assuming she has inherited daddy’s ability to nap well.



I’m not sure if it is my ability to hide my belly well or if I’m giving off a “don’t approach me vibe” but I haven’t encountered anyone coming at me with hands outstretched wanting to touch my belly… nor has anyone offered unsolicited baby advice. Maybe this will come later on with a larger belly profile?





I’ve been slacking lately on going to the gym, but Husby + I made it back today! I’ll have to say though, now that my belly is finally growing… I could definitely feel the strain on my back afterward + a slight cramping in my abdomen while on the elliptical. I can’t wait to get back to the gym on a regular schedule to see if it eases up or if I need to slow it down.




T-Shirt ~ Rue 21 / Jeans ~ Loved by Heidi Klum / Earrings ~ Charlotte Russe / Wedge Flip Flops ~ Old Navy

What type of unsolicited advice/opinions have you heard while pregnant? Most obnoxious comments?


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