My Closet ~ 29th week of pregnancy

What’s that? Only 11 more weeks to go! Say what?!?! I also realized the other day that our baby girl will be turning 18 in the year 2030… it completely blew my mind. I’m still amazed when I hear someone was born in the ’90s! I guess I need to catch up with reality.

This week has been fairly slow. There are mornings where I wake up + think, “my belly has grown overnight,” but there are other mornings where I think, “this baby bump is tiny.” I guess it is all perception. I’ve realized that everyone has an opinion on the “acceptable amount” of weight to gain when you’re pregnant. Like there is some test to pass on whether or not you are failing at controlling your pregnancy gain. Sure, someone put a number out there that the average weight gain is between 25-35 lbs. But what is considered the average person? Are we going by BMI standards? Because I have friends that are healthy, strong adults within low body fat, but by BMI standards they are obese… didn’t anyone tell the BMI calculators that muscles weighs more than fat?

I think it is completely unacceptable for people to comment on a woman’s pregnancy weight gain, positive or not. Sometimes even saying, “you don’t even look pregnant,” could trigger that woman to be upset. Maybe she is longing to look pregnant! Clearly no woman, pregnant or not, wants to hear she looks “big as a house” or “are you sure you’re only 7 months along?” Clearly there is no right answer here. It is like that age old question women like to present, “Does this make me look fat?” Is there really a right answer here? Cause I know the answer is not an automatic “No,” especially when you want an honest opinion. However, if you want an honest answer, ask your girlfriends not your husband/boyfriend. Don’t set him up for failure! :0)

I’ve had a few of my friends tell me that I’m making this pregnancy look like a breeze + that they are now thinking of having children when they were previously scared. My advice to them, I can tell you about my experience, but I highly recommend asking many, many women their experiences… none of them will be the same + your pregnancy will not be the same either. Each person is unique in what they experience and how their body reacts. Just because it looks easy for me is not a reason to base your justification for having children. It is entirely a personal decision that each person needs to make for themselves.

Tank Top + Skirt ~ Wet Seal / Socks + Rain Boots ~ Target / Earrings + Bangles ~ Charlotte Russe / Cuff Bracelet ~ a gift

What is your pregnancy story? Did you go through nearly symptom-less? Did you have every symptom known to man?


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