My Closet ~ 30th week of pregnancy

Here we go… week 30. Another week gone + onto a new one.

I think I’m finally hitting a stage where it is harder for me to get up when sitting on the couch, I am having a hard time putting my gym shoes on if I’m standing up, + my back aches if I’m standing for too long. I can’t complain though! I mean, it had to get this way eventually + I’m lucky that it is just in the beginning phase now. The other women I know that are due in August have all been having these issues for quite some time.

As we get closer to our little girl arriving, I’m starting to wonder about things like: how much do I really need to baby proof at first; what is the best position for the car seat in the back of the car; who is going to visit + when; how do I get my dogs to stop barking at the tiniest noises? You know, important stuff, right?

I have a feeling these last 10 weeks are just going to come + go. Next thing I know there is going to be a tiny girl in our house! I feel like as much as I want to prepare, what can you really prepare for? As long as she has a place to sleep, clothes to wear, a car seat to get home in… everything else will just fall into place. I don’t think there is a “right” amount of onsies to have, diapers in stock, blankets on hand, etc.

Top ~ Motherhood Maternity / Skirt ~ Wet Seal / Earrings ~ Charlotte Russe 

I’m off to child birthing class tonight with our topic being “Coping with Labor.” I’ll be interested to see what type of techniques the midwife suggests. Did you attend child birthing classes, Lamaze, etc? I’d be interested to hear your experiences + what worked (or didn’t) for you?


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