My Closet ~ 31 Weeks Pregnant

Another Wednesday, another week gone by. Our baby girl is just over 3 lbs now + still growing! I can feel her little feet sliding across my ribs as I type this… such a weird feeling. When you really stop to think about it… there is a tiny human body inside of mine… like a whole person, with her own brain, arms + legs. I don’t know about you, but that screws with my mind a little. Okay, a lot!

It seems that everyone I talk to asks me the same question, “Are there questions that you hate being asked?” It seems like people are more in-tune to the fact that pregnant women find it annoying when you ask them certain things. I think it is more interesting to see what responses I give that annoy people. For example, people will tell me to stock up on diapers now + when I respond with the fact that we are going to cloth diaper, you’d think my head turned green. Nothing will make someone cringe more than telling them you are cloth diapering. Granted there are the few that are excited for you… but I’d say the majority in my experience, not so keen on the idea. Another example, people will say to me, “I bet you are ready for that baby to just come out already!” Um… nope, I’d kind of like her to stay in there until she is full term… or I like to say something like, “Why? Do you see an arm?” whilst looking between my legs.

Tank Top ~ Wet Seal / Jeans ~ Loved by Heidi Klum / Earrings + Sandals ~ Charlotte Russe / Watch ~ Sprout

What annoying things have you been asked while pregnant? Or what advice were you given that seemed outrageous to you?


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  1. That pickle and ice cream craving thing question – no, that actually makes me want to gag. Drink some kind of castor oil concoction (at term or beyond) to bring on labor. Really? I’d rather have the pickles and ice cream. Go for a bumpy car ride. That was a recipe for nausea. Eat lots of spicy food and a beer. See last sentence.

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