Fawn Jumper for an Infant

Ever since we found out that we were expecting, I’ve knit + crocheted a few hats, some baby booties, a blanket… but I felt like I was in a rut. I wanted to try something new that would take a little longer than the typical newborn hat. After questioning some fellow knitters on patterns they liked, I decided to try the Skull Jumper by Malia Mather. The pattern states it is for a 6 mo- 1 yr old + since I’m a instant gratification sort of person, I wanted to knit it slightly smaller so that it would fit our little girl in her 3-6 mo age.

I rarely gauge my knitting before starting  a pattern… probably why I’ve tossed out a few or given them away because they turned out unlike I expected. I mean, if you don’t gauge, can you really expect it to be a great fit? No… but I like to pretend that it will. I had some yarn sitting around that I wanted to use for this project, but it was in a light brown color… not exactly indicative of skulls. I decided I would go ahead and knit the jumper without the skulls, then when I was finished, go back in with a duplicate stitch to put on whatever chart I found that fit.

I liked having the option of convertible straps, so I adapted this method to knit the straps longer + attach buttons so that the straps could be crossed or straight. I also realized that I do not like knitting a one-row buttonhole. I read several tutorials online before attempting it + I just didn’t like any of them. Either that or it was late at night… I was tired… and fidgeting with making buttonholes for my first time was getting to me.

The yarn I used was aptly named “Doe,” so I thought a deer bust of some sort would look cute for the final touch. I found a few that were okay, but not overly impressive… until I ran across this knitting chart for a fawn by doing a google image search. What better than a baby fawn for my baby girl?

I’m really happy with the final product, even though I think it still won’t fit her until she is 6 mo, even with the needle change. I think I’ll try this one again in a few different colors.


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