My Closet – 32 weeks pregnant

As week 32 begins we have finally mailed out our “We’re Expecting” announcements, purchased a mattress for the crib (although the crib is not yet set up), + just trying to focus on how to put this nursery together. At least we are making some progress! You think that 8 weeks is still a long time, which it is, but in retrospect… 32 weeks has flown by. I don’t know if it is getting older in general, or just the fact that I’m actually counting weeks now, but it is about to be July already. That blows my mind.

Husby came home from his work trip + it was nice to spend a long weekend together. There are only so many more quiet weekends alone before our little girl is hanging out with us. Although, with 2 dogs it is never really that quiet.

We are attending baby class (as I like to call it) tonight. The subject is dealing with delivery + the actual process. This subject I’m particularly interested to hear what the midwife has to say. We haven’t attended any Lamaze (do they still do that) or other type of delivery coping class, so I’m intrigued how to get through this!

Dress ~ Khol’s / Earrings + Wedges ~ Charlotte Russe

What methods did you use for getting through labor?


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  1. Hi Katie…
    I delivered Tim almost 26 yrs ago and remember it like it was yesterday. Like pregnancy, no 2 labors are the same. Different people, different circumstances and lots of variables. But you can expect lots of “labor” breathing technics, maybe some crying, swearing, etc. Just shoot for “graceful” and if you dont kill anyone during labor & delivery then you have done well. Better get hopping on that crib. Sometimes certain little people like to come early. Love you lots.

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