New Items in my Etsy Store ~ Holiday Promo Code!

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Just in time for the holiday season, I’ve added several new listings to my Etsy shop: lamb + wolf

There are sets of dish/wash cloths, trivets, and a few baskets. All are eco-friendly, machine washable, and made from 100% cotton. They will brighten up any room in your house!

Use Promo Code: HOLIDAY2013 to receive 15% off your purchase. All items are great for gift ideas!

xo Katie

Monday Must-Haves! Purses, Handbags, Satchels…

Whatever you call it, I don’t think I know a single woman who doesn’t own at least one handbag… let alone several. I have at least a few, but always one main one. Not only do I carry this thing everywhere, but it carries everything! I like a purse that can hold not just my wallet + cell phone, but my camera, nail polish, snacks (definitely a pregnancy addition to the load), pens, my kindle + the occasional small shopping bag. I’m clearly not  a clutch kind of girl!

I’ve officially worn out my current favorite bag. It is a lovely light grey bag by Diesel that my best friend gave me a few years ago. The leather is starting to crack + I’m pretty sure my last trip to the nail salon ended in nail polish leaking on the inside. Like I said, a bag that gets used + abused, not put in the closet enclosed in a satin case at the end of every day. I searched through some local shops over the weekend + realized that choosing a new bag is such a tricky job.

That being said… while I continue my search, here are some bags I found online that have caught my eye as far as style, shape + color goes. However, not sure I’d break the bank for any of these considering I like to throw my bag on the floor!

Diesel “Lock It In Colors” Charactery in Black

Cole Haan Cornelia Jayne Tote in Pacific

Dodo Toronto Small Pink Leather Foldover Zipper Clutch

Sam Edelman Farrow in Cobalt

Fossil Jules Wristlet in Ash Grey

Modcloth Golden Hits Bag

Kipling USA Creativity Small Pouch in Mitchelle Blue


Monday Must-Haves: Home Reminders

I haven’t lived in Vermont for over 9 years, but I still call it home. The majority of my family remains there, as does Husby’s. Looking back, it seems hard to believe that I spent the first 20 years of my life there because the memories seem so faded + distant. I feel as though I can’t navigate my way around there anymore without a GPS, which seems insane to me because I used to drive all over the state aimlessly, when I got my first car, without ever getting lost.

Vermont brings a lot of great memories: playing in the woods, camping, walking everywhere, dirt roads, mountains, swimming in rivers, fresh air, college… the list goes on.

Now, living about 18 hours away (driving), there are a few things that we like to keep around the house to remind us of home:


Woodchuck Cider (photo via Pinterest) ~ a nice cold cider on a hot summer day is simply amazing! I’m not a beer drinker, but also great Vermont brews include: Magic Hat, Long Trail + Otter Creek

Vermont State Flag ~ Husby has the VT state flag hanging in our garage. Such a simple design, but it represents Vermont the best.

Vermont Maple Syrup ~ there is nothing better than 100% pure Vermont maple syrup on your pancakes or waffles… or on everything!

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (photo via Pinterest) ~ a freezer isn’t complete without B&J ice cream. With soo many different flavors, I don’t think I can have just one favorite… but among them are: Creme Brulee, Late Night Snack + Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch.

Cabot Cheese (Image Source) ~ hands down, the best cheddar cheese there is out there!

What reminds you of home?


Monday Must-Haves: Nursery Edition

Our nursery decorating is at a standstill. We painted quite some time ago + that is where it ended. The nursery has been more of a “dump all the baby stuff here” station, rather than an actual nursery. However over the weekend we finally decided on a crib + ordered it. I’m sure once it gets here it will be a little more “real” + decorating will pick right back up.

Here are some items + DIY ideas that I’m thinking are a must for our little girl’s nursery:

This adorable DIY Baby Stats Subway Art is from The Winthrop Chronicals ~ the colors she has done here even match our color scheme

Seriously, this Retro Kitchen Set via Amazon is simply adorable! I wish I had something like this when I was a little girl.

Planter Wall Storage via Centsational Girl ~ I believe this was pulled from BHG, but what a great way to store larger items, but still keep them in view for easy access.

ABC Printables via The Handmade Home ~ another cute wall hanging! Easy to print off at home on some card stock + put up in a matter of minutes. You could just as easily use these as flash cards.

Cloud Shelf via Shop Littles ~ what a great idea!

I have a million more ideas floating through my head + it is hard to narrow it down to a theme. So far I’ve just got a color guideline… time to figure out one direction and go with it!

What was your nursery inspiration?