My Sewing Experiments: Part One

Sewing has always been one of those things that has eluded me. I don’t know if it is cause I just didn’t try or just wasn’t interested in it, but I really, really want to be interested in it. Home Economics class in Junior High was the first time I ever remember using a sewing machine + I can’t say it was that eventful. I think we made pin cushions… or was it a bean bag? Who knows. Either way it didn’t really make an impression on me. As I got older, I thought it might be interesting to try and sew some things, but never got into it. Instead I taught myself how to knit more involved pieces + finally taught myself how to crochet to add another dimension. I still knit + crochet, but sewing was ever looming on my list of things to learn.

I found some felt patterns on Etsy that I fell in love with from Little Hibou Shoppe. All of Tina’s patterns are adorable + come with really easy to follow instructions. I finished a few pieces in no time + felt pretty good about them. My first attempt at sewing was a success. However, I still wanted to try my hand at a sewing machine. No doubt, sewing machines are intimidating if you’ve never used one before!

My amazing husby bought me a Brother CP6500 (he is awesome, huh!). I picked up some fabric for my first project + went for it. I made this skeleton doll for our baby girl (Zumi is such a good model, holding up the doll for me).


The doll didn’t come out that bad, but I did learn some lessons. Jumping right in with a jersey fabric was not the best idea… it is stretchy + bunched up when I started sewing. I had no clue how to adjust tension on my machine or what adjusting tension even meant. Not to mention, I chose a project with a million pieces as my first one. I felt lost, but pushed through + finished it.

As I was perusing my usual blog list, I came across a discount on e-courses over at A Beautiful Mess. I took advantage of their summer sale + bought their e-course, “DIY Dress Up” (as of today, they no longer offer this e-course, but offer other great courses that you should check out).

I’ve made it through the first two courses, a bow (I made mine into a hair clip) + a magazine tote bag. I have to say, I’ve already learned a lot, but I still have a LONG way to go!



I can’t wait to get through more projects + expand my sewing capabilities. Hopefully I can tackle some dresses for our baby girl soon!


Fawn Jumper for an Infant

Ever since we found out that we were expecting, I’ve knit + crocheted a few hats, some baby booties, a blanket… but I felt like I was in a rut. I wanted to try something new that would take a little longer than the typical newborn hat. After questioning some fellow knitters on patterns they liked, I decided to try the Skull Jumper by Malia Mather. The pattern states it is for a 6 mo- 1 yr old + since I’m a instant gratification sort of person, I wanted to knit it slightly smaller so that it would fit our little girl in her 3-6 mo age.

I rarely gauge my knitting before starting  a pattern… probably why I’ve tossed out a few or given them away because they turned out unlike I expected. I mean, if you don’t gauge, can you really expect it to be a great fit? No… but I like to pretend that it will. I had some yarn sitting around that I wanted to use for this project, but it was in a light brown color… not exactly indicative of skulls. I decided I would go ahead and knit the jumper without the skulls, then when I was finished, go back in with a duplicate stitch to put on whatever chart I found that fit.

I liked having the option of convertible straps, so I adapted this method to knit the straps longer + attach buttons so that the straps could be crossed or straight. I also realized that I do not like knitting a one-row buttonhole. I read several tutorials online before attempting it + I just didn’t like any of them. Either that or it was late at night… I was tired… and fidgeting with making buttonholes for my first time was getting to me.

The yarn I used was aptly named “Doe,” so I thought a deer bust of some sort would look cute for the final touch. I found a few that were okay, but not overly impressive… until I ran across this knitting chart for a fawn by doing a google image search. What better than a baby fawn for my baby girl?

I’m really happy with the final product, even though I think it still won’t fit her until she is 6 mo, even with the needle change. I think I’ll try this one again in a few different colors.


Monday Must-Haves! Bathing Suits

It never really got cold enough here to not wear a bathing suit, but now that the grass is turning from brown to green, spring + warmer weather is sure to be here in no time. I love bathing suits, but have had a hard time finding a good one in the last few years. I’ve been wearing the same Victoria’s Secret bathing suit for at least 6 years now.

I’m dreading having to find a maternity swim suit + am pretty sure I will just stick with a regular bikini. I say if you don’t want to see a pregnant woman in a bikini, you should stay away from the beach!

Here are some cute finds from Etsy:

Classic Navy High Wasited Retro Bikini via BeBops ~ I love the retro look + the cute little star button!


Tuxedo One Piece Bathing Suit via PutOnThatDress ~ This is definitely one classy step up from the tuxedo t-shirt.


Ruffle Bikini via LoveLucyBea ~ The ruffles give this a really cute, sexy feel.


Miss White Cream Bikini via EleonoraEsposito ~ I love the idea of a crochet bikini… but does it actually hold up when swimming?


Skulls Teeny Bikini via SoCalBabyClothing ~ Cute little skull bikini to bring your little girl to the beach with you


~ katie