Monday Must-Haves! Bathing Suits

It never really got cold enough here to not wear a bathing suit, but now that the grass is turning from brown to green, spring + warmer weather is sure to be here in no time. I love bathing suits, but have had a hard time finding a good one in the last few years. I’ve been wearing the same Victoria’s Secret bathing suit for at least 6 years now.

I’m dreading having to find a maternity swim suit + am pretty sure I will just stick with a regular bikini. I say if you don’t want to see a pregnant woman in a bikini, you should stay away from the beach!

Here are some cute finds from Etsy:

Classic Navy High Wasited Retro Bikini via BeBops ~ I love the retro look + the cute little star button!


Tuxedo One Piece Bathing Suit via PutOnThatDress ~ This is definitely one classy step up from the tuxedo t-shirt.


Ruffle Bikini via LoveLucyBea ~ The ruffles give this a really cute, sexy feel.


Miss White Cream Bikini via EleonoraEsposito ~ I love the idea of a crochet bikini… but does it actually hold up when swimming?


Skulls Teeny Bikini via SoCalBabyClothing ~ Cute little skull bikini to bring your little girl to the beach with you


~ katie

Monday Must-Haves! Owls

I don’t know what it is lately, but there is an overabundance of owls. They are everywhere + everyone wants them. Here are some of my favorite owl items:

Vintage Italian Owl Figurine via 1001vintage

Owl Cake Topper via BungalowGlow

Owl Cookie Jar via PlainJanePottery

Owl Baby Mobile via LoveFeltXoXo

Owl Pocket Watch via laceinspring

There are sooooo many more owl items that are awesome + I could sure make this post 900 items longer. What are your favorite owl items?


Monday Must-Haves! Art from Etsy

I could spend all day browsing Etsy. I’ve bought tons of art from varying artists + these are some of my favorites from recent purchases.

Unicorn Skull Mask Masquerade via Carlationsart – I just bought this one + trying to figure out where I want to hang it.


Beserker (original art) via Workweak – I got this for husby for Christmas. This will be in our living room once it is framed.


Little Red Blood Sucker via KatMartinArtist – I love all of Kat’s prints + own quite a few. This one I bought for my hairdresser + gave her for Christmas.


Zombie 15 via TheZombieHorde – This print is in our entry way to greet you as you come in our house.


The Sunlight of the Future via WormsWormsWorms – I have three of her prints in our living room + plan on buying some more!


Who are your favorite artists?


My Closet

Dress ~ MamaSan Maternity / Shoes ~ Delia*s

In my search for attractive maternity clothes, I ran across MamaSan Maternity on Etsy + I love their simple Rockabilly/Punk dresses. The fabric is super comfy + will certainly accommodate my not-yet-showing baby bump! What I love most about this dress is that even though it is classified as “maternity,” I know I’ll continue to wear this well after my pregnancy.

With the basic A-Line cut + the D-ring detailing, you can’t go wrong with this little black dress.

Do you have a favorite place to buy maternity clothes?