Announcing lamb + wolf Etsy Shop

Okay, okay… I’ve had an Etsy shop for quite some time now, but I have only recently really started stocking it since I started dyeing a few months ago. I just got a new shipment of yarn bases and will be adding new items over the next few weeks, so please keep an eye out for new shop updates! I also take custom orders, so please contact me if you wish to do so.

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lamb + wolf Etsy Shop

You’ll see a permanent link in the right hand banner at all times. Happy shopping!

xo Katie

Adventures in Dyeing: Part 2

Long anticipated part 2 to my dyeing adventures, am I right?!? Phew, I think my mid-year goal is to get better at posting and updating. Now that I’m regularly updating my Etsy shop, I feel I should be posting shop updates here, as well.

Either way… moving on! Part 1 of my series was related to dyeing with kool-aid. While fun and easy and no additional special equipment required, it didn’t offer all of the colors I was interested… particularly black.

I used Wilton’s Gel Food Coloring, which does come in black. I was forewarned by a fellow dyer that the black doesn’t always come out as such, and could show up as dark green or purple. So keeping this in mind, I jumped in with some blues and a black.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the hindsight to take process photos, but essentially I placed out saran wrap, soaked the yarn in a vinegar/water bath, mixed my dyes for 1 hour, I laid out the yarn in an oval and placed the dye into color blocks throughout the yarn. I wrapped the yarn in the saran wrap and placed in a baking dish in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 hours, covered tightly with foil. This steam sets the color. I let it cool to room temp and did a quick rinse, then dried overnight.

It resulted in this beautiful colorway:

yarn dyed with gel food coloring


It’s currently for sale in my Etsy shop, Lamb + Wolf. I really love how the colors turned out and the black really turned out to be a true black, which is (obviously) exactly what I wanted!

In recent weeks, I’ve really been testing out acid dyes and have several items in my Etsy shop dyed with such, but look forward to Part 3 of this series to come soon. I will set myself up to take full process photos to share.

If you have any questions on dyeing with kool-aid or gel food coloring, please leave a comment or message me and I will answer your questions.

xo Katie

New Items in my Etsy Store ~ Holiday Promo Code!

Visit lamb + wolf on Etsy!


Just in time for the holiday season, I’ve added several new listings to my Etsy shop: lamb + wolf

There are sets of dish/wash cloths, trivets, and a few baskets. All are eco-friendly, machine washable, and made from 100% cotton. They will brighten up any room in your house!

Use Promo Code: HOLIDAY2013 to receive 15% off your purchase. All items are great for gift ideas!

xo Katie

My Closet ~ 24th week of pregnancy

As today marks my 24th week of pregnancy, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by, but also how far away our little one’s due date seems. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when Tyler + I found out that we would be having a baby… I cried in hysterics, mainly because I was in shock. It seems that no matter whether you are planning pregnancy or not, it still comes as a blow how much is about to change.

I recall when I was in high school + how I always thought, “I’ll never be like my parents. I will be different.” However, looking back, I am grateful for how my father raised me. He gave me a good work ethic + although we didn’t have too many rules in our house, I didn’t push my luck. It must have been hard for my dad raising 3 girls + I knew that the less I did to stress him out, the more freedom I’d be able to keep. I also recall Tyler’s mom doing everything she could to provide for her 3 children the best she could; often holding multiple jobs, putting dinner on the table + cleaning up after them even when she was dead tired.

I’m grateful that Husby + I were raised with similar ideals that will make it easier for us to agree on how to raise our little one. Not to mention we were friends long before marriage was even an idea in either of our heads. I feel like that bond gives us a lot more respect + admiration for each other. Can you tell I like him… just a little bit?

We can’t wait to see our little girl’s sweet face! In fact, I can’t even wait to see my sweet husband’s face… he is away for work currently + all 4 of us girls are missing him badly!

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