Follow Your Arrow MKAL – Finished Clue 2B!

Well, here I am… 4 days late to finishing, but it is finally done! I decided to go with Clue 2B because I love short rows and thought it was going to make an interesting shape. I’m really  happy with how it has turned out.

Follow Your Arrow MKAL


The yarn I decided on using, Holiday Yarns FlockSock Sock Yarn, I received in a Yarn Box subscription. I’m soo unfamiliar with sock yarns because I mainly use bulky yarns, but it is working up very springy and soft.

Follow Your Arrow MKAL


I’m excited to get started with Clue 3… I’m undecided on which option I will choose, but I suppose that is all part of the mystery! ;0)

xo Katie

Follow Your Arrow MKAL – Finished Clue 1B

I have to say, this is the most I’ve been dedicated to knitting on a deadline as ever! I finished clue 1B of the Follow Your Arrow MKAL by Ysolda last night… so a little late since clue 2 came out yesterday. I haven’t even had a chance to look at it yet, but I’m excited to keep going. At least I didn’t finish early then have to wait around for the next clue, right?




I love how the colors are turning out and the pattern is lovely soo far. This is my first time doing lace and doing a shawl, so pretty impressive!



I can’t wait to start clue 2 tonight! I’ll post progress pictures next week.

xo Katie

Knitted Gifts for the Holidays

Glühwein Cowl

Every time I knit something for myself, eventually someone will ask me where I got it, if I made it and tell me that they love it. This usually ends in me giving it to them. This year I have decided to make knitted gifts for friends and family… on purpose.

I’m loving this pattern, Gluhwein. It combines my love of knitting with bulky yarn and my lack of attention span to knit large projects. It has a beautiful diamond pattern combing knit and purl textures. I can’t wait to see how the finished product turns out.

Do you make homemade gifts for the holidays? I’d love to hear all about your craftiness!

xo Katie

Fawn Jumper for an Infant

Ever since we found out that we were expecting, I’ve knit + crocheted a few hats, some baby booties, a blanket… but I felt like I was in a rut. I wanted to try something new that would take a little longer than the typical newborn hat. After questioning some fellow knitters on patterns they liked, I decided to try the Skull Jumper by Malia Mather. The pattern states it is for a 6 mo- 1 yr old + since I’m a instant gratification sort of person, I wanted to knit it slightly smaller so that it would fit our little girl in her 3-6 mo age.

I rarely gauge my knitting before starting  a pattern… probably why I’ve tossed out a few or given them away because they turned out unlike I expected. I mean, if you don’t gauge, can you really expect it to be a great fit? No… but I like to pretend that it will. I had some yarn sitting around that I wanted to use for this project, but it was in a light brown color… not exactly indicative of skulls. I decided I would go ahead and knit the jumper without the skulls, then when I was finished, go back in with a duplicate stitch to put on whatever chart I found that fit.

I liked having the option of convertible straps, so I adapted this method to knit the straps longer + attach buttons so that the straps could be crossed or straight. I also realized that I do not like knitting a one-row buttonhole. I read several tutorials online before attempting it + I just didn’t like any of them. Either that or it was late at night… I was tired… and fidgeting with making buttonholes for my first time was getting to me.

The yarn I used was aptly named “Doe,” so I thought a deer bust of some sort would look cute for the final touch. I found a few that were okay, but not overly impressive… until I ran across this knitting chart for a fawn by doing a google image search. What better than a baby fawn for my baby girl?

I’m really happy with the final product, even though I think it still won’t fit her until she is 6 mo, even with the needle change. I think I’ll try this one again in a few different colors.