Spiny aka Newborn Vertebrae Sweater

I’ve been knitting the Newborn Vertebrae sweater for the past few days + finally finished it! The pattern was really easy to follow + it is free, so what is better than that?

I used Dream in Color’s Smooshy yarn in Some Summer Sky.

Even though we don’t know the baby’s sex yet, I thought I’d go ahead with this blue + purple variegated yarn. I love how the colors turned out. If Baby turns out to be a girl, she will wear this… if Baby turns out to be a boy, I’ll sell it.



Weekends Were Made For…

Finish knitting baby’s Newborn Vertebrae / Make my first attempt at Cake Pops / Sew more Felt Woodland Creatures / Heart Cookies? / Catch up on my Netflix queue / Paint / Receive Puppy Kisses / Make animal noises at Husby via Skype  / The rest TBD…