My Closet ~ 26th week of pregnancy

Today starts my 26th week of pregnancy. Yesterday while shopping I received my first ever, “when are you due?” from a complete stranger. It finally made it feel like I was actually pregnant for the first time! It is almost like getting a new hair cut or wearing a new outfit, it doesn’t feel “real” until someone else notices without you telling them. I almost didn’t know what to say because I’m not used to being asked when the baby is due.



After searching for a boxy-type crib in white for the nursery, one of the girls in the Ravelry group for August 2012 babies posted a picture of a crib that was exactly what we were looking for. It was delivered yesterday + I can’t wait to put it together. It will be nice to see the nursery looking more like  a nursery than a spare room. We found the crib had a matching changing table, which we also ordered… hopefully to be delivered soon!



There are soo many small projects around the house that need to be started, let alone finished before the baby arrives. We have been dying to have a one basin sink in our kitchen for a LONG time + finally purchased one yesterday. Husby was soo sweet to install it today + it looks great! He is definitely a keeper.


Top ~ Motherhood Maternity / Jeans ~ Loved by Heidi Klum / Earrings + Sandals ~ Charlotte Russe


Monday Must-Haves: Nursery Edition

Our nursery decorating is at a standstill. We painted quite some time ago + that is where it ended. The nursery has been more of a “dump all the baby stuff here” station, rather than an actual nursery. However over the weekend we finally decided on a crib + ordered it. I’m sure once it gets here it will be a little more “real” + decorating will pick right back up.

Here are some items + DIY ideas that I’m thinking are a must for our little girl’s nursery:

This adorable DIY Baby Stats Subway Art is from The Winthrop Chronicals ~ the colors she has done here even match our color scheme

Seriously, this Retro Kitchen Set via Amazon is simply adorable! I wish I had something like this when I was a little girl.

Planter Wall Storage via Centsational Girl ~ I believe this was pulled from BHG, but what a great way to store larger items, but still keep them in view for easy access.

ABC Printables via The Handmade Home ~ another cute wall hanging! Easy to print off at home on some card stock + put up in a matter of minutes. You could just as easily use these as flash cards.

Cloud Shelf via Shop Littles ~ what a great idea!

I have a million more ideas floating through my head + it is hard to narrow it down to a theme. So far I’ve just got a color guideline… time to figure out one direction and go with it!

What was your nursery inspiration?


DIY: Paper~Covered Electrical Outlet Plate

I’ve never liked plain white or off-white electrical outlet plates + the designs offered at local home improvement stores have never really impressed me much either. I’ve seen various fabric or paper covered outlet plates available on Etsy + thought instead of trying to find one that matched my rooms perfectly, why not try to make my own. How hard could it be?

I browsed the fabric aisles of the local craft stores + bought a plain grey fabric. I also came home with decorative paper used for scrapbooking. I chose to use Modge Podge as an adhesive. This first go-round did not go as I expected. I was not happy with the results of the fabric covering. I don’t know if it was the fabric itself or the combination of modge podge + fabric. Either way, my attempt with the paper was more successful, but I still wasn’t completely happy with the result.

After putting this project off for a long time + having no outlet covers in our bedroom, I decided I’d finally give it another try. This time I was much happier with the results!


DIY Paper~Covered Electrical Outlet Plate


  • Outlet covers {I didn’t buy these new, although you can if yours are in rough shape}
  • Scrapbook or other decorative paper {I used 2, 12×12″ sheets of paper to cover 7 plates}
  • Modge Podge {I used the Matte formula}
  • Sponge brushes
  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks {not pictured}
  • Rotary cutter + mat or scissors
  • Work surface covering {I used saran wrap}


Wipe your outlet plates clean if they are dirty, I used a mild soap + water. Using your rotary cutter + mat or scissors, layout your plates + cut the paper leaving approximately 1/2″ around each edge of the plate.


Cover your work area. I used a paper plate to pour out the modge podge for easier dipping, you can use a bowl or just leave in the jar, whichever you prefer.


Spread an even layer of modge podge over your cover plate, then press the paper down on top + over the curve of the edges. Cover the top of the paper with another layer of modge podge. Use your fingers to spread out the glue + push out any air bubbles. Set the cover plates aside to dry ~ I left them for about an hour while I did other things around the house.




Using your hot glue gun, fold down + glue the top + bottom edges of the paper around the back of the cover plate. Make sure to press the paper to the glue for a secure hold. Be careful ~ hot glue guns are hot!



Trim off any excess paper along the remaining two unglued sides + clip the corners to ensure there isn’t too much bulk when you glue down the remaining sides.


Use your hot glue gun to secure the remaining two flaps around the back of the cover plate


Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut an X through the paper where the electrical outlet openings are. Push the X toward the back + fold the paper around back securing with your hot glue gun.


Layout all your covers + do one more thick coat of modge podge on the front of each cover. Set aside + allow to dry ~ I left it for another hour.


Once dry, you can push the cover screws through the paper in the center to reattach on the outlet. That’s it!


There are thousands of options for scrapbooking paper + I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to match your decor. I’m currently on the lookout for one to match our nursery theme. I hope you give it a try! It adds some interest to your rooms with a little surprise art!


My Closet ~ 25th week of pregnancy

Today marks 25 weeks! In some ways it seems like the time has flown + in others, it seems like eternity until we meet our little girl. An eternity that I’m happily embracing as we still have lots to prepare before she arrives.

We have had the nursery painted for some time now, but are having a difficult time deciding on the right furniture. The secondary bedrooms in our house are rather small compared to the master. We are opting for white furniture to try + open the room up more. Because it is such a large purchase (generally convertible cribs run around $250+) we are taking our time. For such a small person, you’d think it might come at a smaller price, but no such luck!

I’ve slowly been building our inventory of cloth diapers + reading as much as I possibly can about the process, cleaning + benefits. By far exceeding disposables in my mind. It will be interesting trying all the different brands to find what will work best for us. There are soo many great resources + I was especially excited to find Green Mountain Diapers since we love all things Vermont! You have to stand by where you’re from, am I right?

I am curious how our dogs will handle the baby. They are generally good dogs + have done well with toddlers in the house, mainly just licking the little one’s face. What I’m more concerned about is their tendency to bark at any small noise outside during the day. They often sleep near the door + bark when they hear the mail truck, neighbors, even the wind blowing too hard. Our Shiba Inu also likes to wake up sometime between 2-4 am most mornings + loudly grunt until you get out of bed to let her outside. We’ll be practicing breaking this habit before baby comes. It doesn’t generally bother me, but I’m sure if the baby is asleep I won’t be impressed with the dog waking her up unnecessarily.

Dress ~ Target / Tank Top ~ Wet Seal / Earrings ~ Charlotte Russe / Belt ~ thrifted / Shoes – Classified

Any suggestions for dealing with dogs around a newborn?