Recipe Roundup

I’ve been totally slacking as far as cooking goes lately! I’m on the lookout for some new recipes to try. Please suggest any that are your favorites!

Chicken Noodle Soup via Family Circle Magazine


Hazelnut Chicken via  ~ {we haven’t been able to locate hazelnuts in our grocery store, so we substituted slivered almonds}


White Chocolate Conversation Heart Bark via Edible Crafts


Curry Salad via Rachael Ray Magazine ~ {this recipe suggests using turkey as it was part of a Thanksgiving leftovers issue, but we use leftover roasted chicken usually + serve over spinach instead of in a pita}


Spicy Pineapple Chicken with Rice + Peas via Rachael Ray Magazine ~ {this recipe blew me away! Something I wouldn’t normally think to try, but it turned out amazing + will be added to a regular rotation}


Hope you like these recipes + give them a try!


Date Night

Last night we had a long awaited date night as husband + wife. Our first one! For our date nights, we like to stay in at home, make our own dinner + catch up on movies or tv shows. We both think it is much nicer to take time out at home, rather than dress up + go out.

We made a dinner of lobster, salad + popovers. It was delicious + I can’t wait for the next one!