My Closet ~ 26th week of pregnancy

Today starts my 26th week of pregnancy. Yesterday while shopping I received my first ever, “when are you due?” from a complete stranger. It finally made it feel like I was actually pregnant for the first time! It is almost like getting a new hair cut or wearing a new outfit, it doesn’t feel “real” until someone else notices without you telling them. I almost didn’t know what to say because I’m not used to being asked when the baby is due.



After searching for a boxy-type crib in white for the nursery, one of the girls in the Ravelry group for August 2012 babies posted a picture of a crib that was exactly what we were looking for. It was delivered yesterday + I can’t wait to put it together. It will be nice to see the nursery looking more like  a nursery than a spare room. We found the crib had a matching changing table, which we also ordered… hopefully to be delivered soon!



There are soo many small projects around the house that need to be started, let alone finished before the baby arrives. We have been dying to have a one basin sink in our kitchen for a LONG time + finally purchased one yesterday. Husby was soo sweet to install it today + it looks great! He is definitely a keeper.


Top ~ Motherhood Maternity / Jeans ~ Loved by Heidi Klum / Earrings + Sandals ~ Charlotte Russe


My Closet ~ 24th week of pregnancy

As today marks my 24th week of pregnancy, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by, but also how far away our little one’s due date seems. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when Tyler + I found out that we would be having a baby… I cried in hysterics, mainly because I was in shock. It seems that no matter whether you are planning pregnancy or not, it still comes as a blow how much is about to change.

I recall when I was in high school + how I always thought, “I’ll never be like my parents. I will be different.” However, looking back, I am grateful for how my father raised me. He gave me a good work ethic + although we didn’t have too many rules in our house, I didn’t push my luck. It must have been hard for my dad raising 3 girls + I knew that the less I did to stress him out, the more freedom I’d be able to keep. I also recall Tyler’s mom doing everything she could to provide for her 3 children the best she could; often holding multiple jobs, putting dinner on the table + cleaning up after them even when she was dead tired.

I’m grateful that Husby + I were raised with similar ideals that will make it easier for us to agree on how to raise our little one. Not to mention we were friends long before marriage was even an idea in either of our heads. I feel like that bond gives us a lot more respect + admiration for each other. Can you tell I like him… just a little bit?

We can’t wait to see our little girl’s sweet face! In fact, I can’t even wait to see my sweet husband’s face… he is away for work currently + all 4 of us girls are missing him badly!

Dress ~ Khol’s / Earrings + Boots ~ Charlotte Russe / Scarf ~ Handmade


My Closet

In my search for cute maternity clothes, I decided to order a few tops from Old Navy. This “tank top” is definitely fitting me more like a dress… at least until baby gets bigger + makes it shorter. The little one is finally starting to make her appearance on the outside though! A tiny bump she is at 23 weeks, but she is a cute one.

Maternity Ruched Scoop-Neck Striped Tunic ~ Old Navy / Sandals ~ Charlotte Russe

Miss Toki Wartooth decided she wanted to come spend some play time with me + get in on the photoshoot. She is such a lover!


Weekends Were Made For…

Dinner out for work functions / Catching up on Justified / Pancakes with Vermont maple syrup / A dozen pink balloons / Singing “Happy Birthday” / Two kinds of nachos for dinner / Watching Shaun of the Dead for the first time / Breakfast Burritos / Sending husby off to Alabama…