Monday Must-Haves! Gifts for Gags

I’d say that I’m more of a gag gift giver, than a meaningful, thoughtful gift giver. I tend to give out gag gifts a lot + they are great for your husband, best friend, sibling, parents, cousins, co-workers… you name it. Everyone likes a good laugh, so why not make people smile on birthdays/Christmas/anniversaries/etc?


Pocket Shots via ~ I think I’ll be contributing these to our annual “Bad Santa” gift exchange at work this year. Who doesn’t need a shot of tequila after a stressful work day?


Emergency Clown Nose via Perpetual Kid ~ Not only should you carry one in your purse, but you should get them for your friends too. You never know when you are going to need to make someone laugh or run away scared.


Edible Dried Zombie Skin via Think Geek ~ With all the people obsessed with zombies these days, anyone that you give this gift to will be the envy of everyone. It is also vegan, all natural + gluten free! It is good for everyone!


Mustachifier Pacifier via Perpetual Kid ~ Kids are always saying they wish they were older… add instant age to your newborn and they’ll be having a mid-life crisis in no time.


Human Organ Lunch Tote via Perpetual Kid ~ Keeps your co-workers from stealing your lunch out of the fridge, right?


Gag gifts are a lot of fun. Sometimes they get used + sometimes they just go in a junk drawer + sometimes they get re-gifted {share the fun}! Where do you shop for gifts?


Monday Must-Haves! Art from Etsy

I could spend all day browsing Etsy. I’ve bought tons of art from varying artists + these are some of my favorites from recent purchases.

Unicorn Skull Mask Masquerade via Carlationsart – I just bought this one + trying to figure out where I want to hang it.


Beserker (original art) via Workweak – I got this for husby for Christmas. This will be in our living room once it is framed.


Little Red Blood Sucker via KatMartinArtist – I love all of Kat’s prints + own quite a few. This one I bought for my hairdresser + gave her for Christmas.


Zombie 15 via TheZombieHorde – This print is in our entry way to greet you as you come in our house.


The Sunlight of the Future via WormsWormsWorms – I have three of her prints in our living room + plan on buying some more!


Who are your favorite artists?