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It’s been awhile…



I’ve been on a short hiatus and well… that’s because we welcomed our beautiful little girl into the world on August 26, 2012. Words can’t even describe how in love and happy and excited we are to have Lachlyn. She is so precious, tiny, sweet and adorable all rolled into one small package. It is hard to not just stare at her sweet face in awe.



Not to mention, my wonderful mother-in-law came for the birth and it was important to us to have her here. She truly is an amazing woman who gave us support, love and all the help we needed. We wish she could have stayed longer.


I could never forget this man… my husband. He was strong for me… helped me relax… and stood by my side through labor and delivery. Watching him with our girl makes my heart melt and I fall in love with him all over again. He is spectacular father and a breath-taking husband. Thank you for being my rock.


My Closet ~ 39 weeks pregnant


So here we are… 39 weeks pregnant. That means there is only one week to go. Well, one week till my due date, which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t mean much considering no baby is coming on their due date unless you happen to have a schedule c-section. I do not. The number of days left is definitely limited though… + counting down.

Husby + I have been doing a lot around the house to prepare for our baby girl: rearranging rooms, prepping cloth diapers, washing baby clothes, finally putting together the baby’s mobile (post to come later), setting up the spare bedroom, + generally all those things you do when nesting kicks in. I’m still on the lookout for a teeny tiny bedside table for our spare bedroom, so if you know where to find one that is unfinished or birch, let me know!

Something else that creeps up with your due date is figuring out how to make yourself go into labor. I’ve heard that first time moms generally have late babies. Might be true, but I’ve also been reading up on things you can do to kickstart labor. For instance, I made a batch of Lemon Drop Cupcakes (via Lemon Sugar) that are possibly meant to cause a full-term woman to go into labor. I’ve had two, so far… nothing yet. I’ve also heard that staying active + lots of walks help out. I mowed + edged the lawn yesterday… turns out I really just feel like someone beat me up, not so much in labor. What else… acupuncture, evening primrose oil, pineapple… all sorts of crazy ideas. Do any of these really work? I mean who knows… I could eat an almond, go into labor + next thing you know pregnant women everywhere are swearing that eating almonds made X number of women go into labor. So you should definitely try it! Like, right NOW!

I’m pretty sure that I already know I’m going to miss having this little one rolling around in my belly. I feel like it will be soo weird not having those jabs + pokes all the time. Clearly she will be on the outside to distract me, but I still think I’m going to miss it.

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What tips + tricks have you heard that cause labor to start… old wives tales or fact (if there is such a thing)?


My Closet ~ 37 weeks pregnant


Maybe a day late, but better late than never, right? Week 37… that means our baby girl is considered full-term, however as my midwife pointed out, you hit this day + think it is time, but in reality most babies come during week 39 to 41. So let’s not jump in the labor boat just yet. To me it seems like just a reminder that we have 3 weeks left to go to a movie theater, go to a fancy no-kids allowed restaurant, have some date nights just the two of us. Pretty soon it’ll be us plus baby. I know people do bring babies to the movies + restaurants, as I’m sure that we will… I mean, the Savannah Craft Brew Festival is the beginning of September. I have a feeling one of baby’s first outings is going to be to a beer festival.


I saw my lovely hair stylist yesterday for a color touch-up. While there, again I realized, babies + hair salons (aka hair chemicals) don’t mix. I made sure to warn husby to the fact that he’ll need to watch our little one while I go do these things from now on. He is more than excited… nothing sounds better than daddy/daughter time.



It has been gloomy + rainy here the past few days… I absolutely love it. The sun, humidity + sweating that happens here due to the ridiculous weather drives me insane. Not to mention, when you’re pregnant, everyone says, “Oh you must be so miserable in this heat!” Well, yes, but not because I’m pregnant, because it is disgustingly hot here, pregnant or not.


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How did your last few weeks of pregnancy go? Did they fly by like the rest of the time, or did time start dragging for you?


My Closet ~ 36 weeks pregnant


Whew… 36 weeks gone already! I have a feeling the next 4 weeks are going to drag though. All this amping up + getting prepared has made the time fly by, but when you know the end is near things always slow down. Days seem longer… weeks are crawling.


I have approximately 40 cloth diapers I need to prep + a dozen pre-folds. Let me tell you, there is not one way to prepare cloth diapers. There are a million different opinions, different detergent options, different brand recommendations… I mean where does one start? I for one, have no clue. I’ll be doing some research over the next couple days to try to figure that one out.









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How do you prepare your cloth diapers before first use? Do you boil or use your washing machine? How is your prep different between pre-folds + pocket diapers?


My Closet – 35 weeks pregnant


I’m traveling today, but wanted to get a quick post in to share my photos. 35 weeks pregnant today! We are so excited our little one is almost here… only 5 more weeks till our due date! Time is just ticking away.

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My Closet ~ 34 weeks pregnant


Just a few days late with this post, but that’s alright. I was busy with painting + organizing the house to prepare for baby! We’re getting down to the wire + it really does hit you like a ton of bricks… there is going to be a baby in this house in just 6 weeks! I don’t know about you, but the older I’ve gotten, the faster 6 weeks flies by without even blinking an eye.

As time has been getting closer, I realize that there are a lot of things that I’m clueless on about newborns. Can you take them to the beach (with adequate shade, of course)? Are our dogs going to freak out when new baby arrives? How do you know if the baby is too hot or too cold? I mean, there are a lot of factors here that I just have no idea on.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading… books, online forums, resources that my wonderful midwife group has provided. One piece of advice I’d say not only works for newborns/birth, but most things in general… stay away from Google! Don’t get me wrong, I love Google + use it often, but when it comes to pregnancy, newborns, + birth, Googling is possibly the worst possible place to search. Unless you really want to see/hear/read every horror story in the book… then by all means, have at it!

One question that has been on my mind is the pacifier vs. anti-pacifier debate. I’ve heard it is bad for the baby’s teeth… I’ve heard it soothes the baby… I’ve heard they are the devil! So what is your opinion?

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My Closet ~ 33 Weeks Pregnant ~ Happy 4th of July!


As week 33 starts today, it is also the 4th of July. It seems like holidays always fall on the weekend + having one mid-week really throws people off. When it happens, the government might as well shut down for a federal holiday for the rest of the week because nothing gets accomplished anyway.

Husby + I went and saw Ted last night. It definitely had its hysterical moments. It really was like a 90 minute Family Guy episode. Afterwards we decided we needed to go to Walmart + find ourselves some amazing shirts to wear on the 4th of July. What better way to show your patriotism than a purple tie-dyed shirt with a white stallion bursting through an American flag? Does it get anymore amazing than that? I think not.

I feel like dressing up for every holiday is a priority… even if you don’t leave the house. We opted out of going to see fireworks + instead decided we’ll be making some Dorito-crusted chicken for dinner. Sounds like an interesting concoction + definitely “American.”

T-Shirt ~ Walmart / Shorts ~ Motherhood Maternity / Earrings ~ Hot Topic / Wedge Flip Flops ~ Old Navy

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!!